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Conferences & Events

CST Booth

CST scientists look forward to interacting with current customers and having an opportunity to meet new customers at regional and international seminars, conferences, tradeshows and other industry events throughout the year. Please stop by the CST booth to meet with one of our scientists, learn about new products, pick up some reference material or simply stop by to say hello. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

2018 Dates

Dates Meeting Name Booth # Location
Dates Meeting Name Booth # Location
Jul 26-29 The 41st Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroescience Society   Kobe, Japan
Aug 1-3 JACI 2018: 22nd Annual Meeting   Okayama, Japan
Aug 11-14 Cancer Cell Biology Conference   Yinchuan, China
Sep 2-5 ECI   Amsterdam, NL
Sep 6-8 The 61st Japan Neuroscience Society & The 40th Japanese Society of Biological Psychiatry   Kobe, Japan
Sep 24-26 JBS 2018: 91st Annual Meeting   Kyoto, Japan
Sep 27-29 JCA 2018: 77th Annual Meeting   Osaka, Japan
Oct 10-14 24th Chinese Society of Pathology Congress   Chengdu, China
Oct 14-16 Developmental Biology   Kunming, China
Oct 25-28 CSBMB   Chongqing, China
Oct 26-29 World Life Science Conferences   Beijing, China
Nov 2-5 Hippo Forum   Xiamen, China
Nov 3-7 SfN 2018 (Society for Neuroscience) 2013 San Diego, CA
Nov 7-10 CSI   Shanghai, China
Nov 28-30 MBSJ 2018: 41st Annual Meeting   Yokohama, Japan
Dec 10-12 The 47th Japanese Society for Immunology   Fukuoka, Japan

2018 Dates

Date Vendor Show Location
Date Event Speaker(s)

2018 Dates

Date Event Speaker(s)
Tuesday, Mar 27 Proteomics profiling of post-translational modifications in early drug discovery. Matthew P. Stokes, Ph.D., CST; Donald Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Genetech; Lilian Phu, Genetech
Date Event Speaker(s)

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